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Sunday, July 14, 2024

ZTA engages university students to promote domestic tourism

Great ZimbabweGreat Zimbabwe

Recently updated on September 8th, 2023 at 08:43 pm

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority will be engaging students at the University of Zimbabwe today, in an effort to promote domestic tourism. Domestic tourism promotion, innovation challenges, and career guidance will be the focus of the engagement.

ZTA Head Corporate Affairs Chief Godfrey Koti said the presentations form part of ZTA’s outreach programmes under the National Tourism Recovery and Growth Strategy.

“The primary aim of the presentations is to create awareness amongst students about tourist attractions within Zimbabwe. We have to catch them young and hopefully inculcate a culture of travel and hopefully, this translates to an increased interest in domestic tourism,” he said.

The Covid-19 pandemic adversely affected the tourism industry in the country, resulting in the halting of all international travel. This left a huge void that, from a strategic point of view, could only be filled by focusing on domestic tourism as well as promoting local products.

“The need to educate students on the state of domestic tourism is critical in creating a sense of ownership and pride in being a citizen of this country which is endowed with unique destinations, and flora and fauna that are unmatched in the world,” Koti added.

“Targeting institutions of higher learning aims at grooming a pool of tourism ambassadors and adventurers and explorers in their particular academic pursuits. This will also lead to arming them with career opportunities that are off the beaten track but will create a large pool for the tourism industry to tap into,” said Koti.

Koti also added that “Involving students at such a nascent stage in their studies also serves to induct them into the tourism economy that aims to inject 5 billion into the larger Zimbabwean economy by 2030.”

The national tourism body is targeting students sitting for a cross-section of degree programmes and courses that include tourism and hospitality, marketing, archaeology and their lecturers.

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