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Monday, May 20, 2024

Wonder2Wonder: A New Campaign to Promote Victoria Falls and Cape Town

Wonder2Wonder: A New Campaign to Promote Victoria Falls and Cape Town

Recently updated on March 12th, 2024 at 01:17 pm

We Are Victoria Falls and Cape Town Tourism have launched a new campaign called “Wonder2Wonder” to promote the two cities and their iconic natural wonders, Victoria Falls and Table Mountain. The campaign features exciting imagery of the two destinations, with a focus on adventure to appeal to active, multi-generational, and younger markets.

A Collaboration Between African Destinations

Earlier this year, the two destination management organisations signed a cooperation agreement in Victoria Falls, setting the stage for forward-thinking collaboration between African destinations. The partnership is a first for Southern Africa and aims to promote both destinations as part of a multi-destination itinerary.

What to Expect from the Campaign

The campaign will run for six weeks and will be promoted by We Are Victoria Falls and Cape Town Tourism, as well as partners in both destinations and the travel trade. The goal is to encourage travelers to visit both destinations on a single trip and to explore the unique experiences that each city has to offer.

A Great Opportunity for New Visitors to Africa

The Wonder2Wonder campaign is an excellent opportunity for new visitors to Africa to begin their journey and develop a passion for more immersive experiences. The campaign is also a great way to promote sustainable travel on the African continent.

Trailfinders UK Amplifies Campaign

Trailfinders UK is working to amplify the campaign through its base of over 16 million clients. Market analysis from the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) in 2022 reveals that the UK, Germany, and France are three of the five “tier one” priority markets for Zimbabwe. The same report also states that 45% of UK travelers with an interest in Southern Africa are between the ages of 18-44, and 35% report having “high income.”


We Are Victoria Falls and Cape Town Tourism are confident that the Wonder2Wonder campaign will be a success. The campaign is a great way to promote both destinations to a global audience and to encourage travelers to explore the wonders of Southern Africa.

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