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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Road Trip to Chirundu

So you’ve seen Gwanda, Victoria Falls, and Shangani – now what? While Zimbabwe is home to a variety of landscapes and attractions the country can be so expansive, there are always new wonders to discover.

Last weekend I visited a beautiful wildlife concession in the Lower Zambezi Valley located in the Northern parts of the country. I journeyed to Chirundu Safari lodge, an unfenced piece of African paradise surrounded by the Nyakasanga Safari Area.  This remote area of the Zambezi floodplain has an abundance of wild animals including elephants, crocodile, waterbuck – making it an ideal location for wildlife photography.

The Chirundu Safari Lodge is a private safari resort and is not open to the public. Prior bookings need to be made and confirmed before visiting or entering the concession. And why not? It’s the perfect place to greet spectacular sunrises with a warm cup of coffee and glowing sunsets with a cold gin and tonic.🇿🇼

Camera: Canon PowerShot G3 X
Photos: Sebastian Kruger

Sebastian Kruger
Managing Director at Africa Sun Tents and amateur photographer. Love sharing life in Zimbabwe and the other places I have visited. Zuga