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Monday, May 20, 2024

5 ways to transform your restaurant to food delivery

5 ways to transform your restaurant to food delivery

Recently updated on September 8th, 2023 at 08:53 pm

Many small businesses are being forced to adapt and make critical changes just to survive. During these tough times, the world seems uncontrollable. That’s why it’s extremely crucial for us, small business owners, to focus on what we can control because that’s how we will survive and thrive during these unprecedented times.

Here are 5 ways to transform your business, and the restaurant industry to food delivery, to get through the most uncertain period in modern times.

1. Embrace social

Your first job is getting the word out. You need to notify as many people as possible. Take advantage of all the available platforms in your community. Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube pages can all help to generate word of mouth recommendations. But don’t stop there! Use WhatsApp Business, Create a catalogue to showcase your products and services. 

2. Go Digital

In the modern world, business owners typically need to maintain both an online and offline presence to generate business. With technology penetration increasing by the day, more businesses have to adopt modern trends of running their businesses more effectively using software and applications. Registering and /or claiming your business with Byolife allows it to be found more easily on Google searches. A blog not only helps your company get its name out through followers but is a way to connect with your consumers more directly.

3. Vouchers

The hospitality industry is enduring a challenging year with the coronavirus plus shutdowns. For the restaurants and food outlets, there is a simple way you can earn more revenue without needing to fill dining tables. That solution? Start selling gift experience vouchers. You can drive sales during quiet periods and sell vouchers during busy times without impact on floor staff.

4. End-to-end hygiene

Pivoting to takeaway delivery will put an additional strain on your business hygiene systems and processes. Once you’re in the delivery business, hygiene no longer stops at the restaurant door, it extends right to the customer’s doorstep. Make it clear to anyone responsible for deliveries that frequent hand-washing and use of face masks are non-negotiable. Ensure your drivers are offering contactless delivery as standard and are observing the government’s social distancing rule.

5. Hands-free delivery

That means a customer places their order, and the restaurant brings it and leaves it in a designated spot for them to go out and retrieve. It eliminates any personal contact between the customer and the delivery person but allows them to still get their meal. Other food outlets are utilizing their drive-through service, you place your order, drive down to collect it. That way, you don’t encounter anyone.

That’s it, now go deliver!

It is difficult to predict what the future holds for the hospitality sector post-COVID-19. However, if your business seizes the opportunity and successfully implements a delivery service in the coming weeks it has the potential to act as a lucrative future revenue source. We’ll make sure to visit our local restaurants when COVID-19 is under control again.

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